September 07, 2014

Cape Names

I love same-day projects!  After spending the weekend away I came home inspired to make something for the girls and involving the girls.  I am on a cape-kick right now (I haven't started mine yet but the pattern has been purchased and the fabric decided on) and I was actually ashamed to realize that the girls didn't have a single one in their dress-up box.  Unacceptable, right?!  I dumped out my box of shiny fabrics and about an hour later they each had one picked out.   About an hour after that they had the rest back in the box.  I wish I had gotten a picture of them dressing up the dog in tulle... next time.

The entire project of 3 kids capes (minus the time for picking out then picking up fabrics) took me less than an hour.  I had them lay down to get an idea of how big for each and they helped me measure, mark and cut.  I surged the sides but didn't bother hemming.  I made a casing and used elastic rather than a button or tie for easy on/off.

 Liv's is pink and she has not named it yet.  She likes to wear it in front as well as in back but prefers not to wear it while working on puzzles.

Stella decided on a light-blue floral chiffon which she has named Lava-Burn. It is perfect for swinging, zooming around the living room and stick-tree landscaping.

Abs asked for one like Elsa from the movie Frozen.  She chose a sheer light-blue chiffon with some sort of bedazzling on it and a dark-blue satin-y nylon for the underlayer.  It goes down to her ankles (as requested) and, yes, she has already tripped on it.  She named it Wind-Woosh and is apparently helpful when coloring.

Same-day projects are so motivating.  All the fabrics were gifted to us and while I originally had in mind to make fancy dresses for the girls I think the capes were a good idea.  Who says super-heroes can't be fancy anyway?

Next up is a pair of pants that I have been tweaking the pattern for and are now ready for a muslin version to confirm the changes.  More on that later.  Happy sewing!