April 15, 2014

Twirly Skirt

It's summer which means bare feet, tank tops and, of course, twirly skirts.  Liv's skirt is 3 layers of vintage rosebud awesomeness.  The skirt is a simple circle skirt with a showing elastic band and the rosebud fabrics are a gift from Mary in Yuma.  My idea was to use them for a jumper but they are pretty sheer individually so I went with a dress instead which turned into a skirt when I changed the design of the top and sewed the top pieces together before bothering to measure Liv... so now it's a skirt.  Probably for the best, skirts are easier to pull off than a dress when you're still new to the potty.
It's so nice to be sewing again.  It was put on the shelf while I got used to working full time but it feels good to pick it up again.  Next on the list:  casual dinner napkins (as opposed to fancy ones).