July 18, 2013

Apron of Oppression

I took a break from my refashion dress to sew something quick and fun. The moment I saw this fabric of 1950's women in the kitchen, I knew I had to make an apron out of it. Perfect, right?? It was a lot of fun to make (no pattern) and I think it came out well.

July 08, 2013

July Refashion Dress

My before pics:

So now that I put it on, I realize that I basically picked the ugliest thing at Goodwill to work with. I highly doubt that it'll be cute after I'm done with it, if it's even wearable! It's at least good practice with sheer, flowy fabric.

July 05, 2013

July Thrift Store Challenge

Well this is my second choice to redo. Adrieanna vetoed the first piece which was a floral dress. She couldn't envision the beautiful masterpiece I had planned for it.  Not sure what to make with this but the print is nice. It will definitely be a shirt of some sort and since it has been cooler in my oven than outside I will make it short sleeve.
Hmm that's not what the print looks like. It looks like I'm in front of a carnival mirror, but you get the idea of the style. I think it added 20 pounds also. lol
wow I wish the print did look like that. LOL The print is like the picture without me in it.
More to come. I need to put my creative cap on for this one.

Sewing LOL

Ok I buy fabric pretty much whenever and wherever I can find a good deal. I saw this at Salvation Army today with Adrieanna.
Its pretty and I've seen lots of shirts lately with this pattern, It was only .75. Good price and I envisioned a t-shirt upstyle. Well I opened it up to discover how many yards I had purchased. Did I mention that it was just as you see it but with a piece of tape around it? I opened it up and showed it to Adrieanna and we started cracking up. The above image is the inside.
This is the outside. LOL
Hmmm I think I will make me some shorts with this. 

Thrift store redo

Amy visited our house last month and we were talking about what has turned into "refashion month". I had an old dress that I had bought just for that and so I needed a tank top and here it is.
I took off the sleeves and the bottom. It was pretty easy, however, this is a tough material to serge but since I am new to serging and rather lazy I thought I would give it a whirl. Turns out my initial instinct to NOT serge it was right, as it would have had a nicer finish with a regular stitch. But it will work for this summer.
Hmm I cant figure out how to turn this picture.
I think it turned out pretty good.