June 08, 2013

The "20 Minute Maxi"...that took me 5 hours

I decided it was time to start sewing clothes, like real, wearable garments that might actually even be cute. Easier said than done, but I learned a TON of valuable lessons and I feel so much more confident now.
I found the best new fabric store right down the street, and I managed to dig through the piles and find seven full yards of fabric, three yards of elastic, and thread for 24 bucks! Even if I screwed up completely it wasn't that big of a loss!
SO, I found a tutorial for a maxi skirt, read the instructions like 80 times, and dove in. Here was the first lesson I learned:
The picture on the right is using a ballpoint needle, like the tutorial mentioned, but no walking foot. The one on the left is using a walking foot. I realized quickly that the walking foot made a big difference.

Aaaand here is my first "finished" product:

My measurements were a bit off, wouldn't you say? And yes, that is a cut up NOSM shirt I am wearing :)

I started chopping and decided to switch to an elastic waistband since I was having so much trouble with the yoga waistband. Supposedly it is super easy, but I struggled nonetheless.

Here was my first eleastic waistband fail:

And thus commenced some major seam ripping and a tad bit-o swearing.
Fast forward another hour, and I finally had a wearable product. Not perfect by any means, but wearable.

Lessons I learned:
1. I can sew knits! They are frustrating, but I figured it out by the end.
2. My sewing machine does not like super stretchy fabric. I broke a needle and the thread like thirty times along the way. I know some of that is probably my fault, but I followed all the suggestions on sewing blogs regarding tension, thread quality, using a ballpoint needle, etc.

On to the next one!

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