May 27, 2013

Week 8: School Shorts

This was another week of school clothes.  Abs starts summer school 1 week from today and she now has a full summer school wardrobe (except for the school shirts... which are required... which I should probably pick up this week).  It was my third week in a row of multiple items in a single week and I am relieved to have finished it all.  

I made 4 pairs of elastic-waist shorts this week.  I might make her some zippered ones later but:  1)  elastic is much easier and faster to sew, 2)  Abs is a fan of convenience and comfort and 3)  I can't find a decent zipper pants pattern in her size and probably won't until she gets to a size 6.  The first two come from a book that I absolutely love called Making Children's Clothes by Emma Hardy.  I have made several things for Abs and Stella from this book and am always pleased with the results.  It has a few things for boys but I have only made the girly things for obvious reasons.  Seriously, if you wanted to make some cute, simple clothes for young kids (up to size 5T) this is a great book.

Shorts #1 from the book is a prettiful (as Stella would say) vintage pink velvet from the generous ladies in Yuma.  I made them a bit longer (the minimum requirement at school is finger length) because I think she can play more freely in them.  The pockets are some scraps leftover from a quilt I made for my good friend Becky's little girl.

Shorts #2 from the book are made from a thick brown corduroy from my "a yard or less" stash.  The pockets are scraps from a gumdrop pillow I made for Abs right after Stella was born and I put them on the sides just to make them look a bit different than the pink ones.

I used Burda 9491 for the next two pairs of shorts.  The first pair is an adorable elephant print that I have used for a couple of different projects the past few years.  I used 1/4" bias tape on the pockets just to break up the print a bit and I think it gives it a very clean look.  You can't see in this picture but instead of elastic I used some bright blue spandex for the waistband.

The last pair of shorts is also the Burda pattern.  It's a black stretch corduroy that I have actually used for a pair of shorts for Abs from the other pattern when she was a 3T.  I picked up a bunch of it in the back room of M&L Fabrics in Anaheim several years ago and it is very hardy and comfortable (Stella now fits in the original shorts and wears them all the time).  I added a ruffle to the pockets from the same beautiful vintage floral I used for the double layered tiered skirt in last week's project.  I think it adds a lot to an otherwise pretty plain pair of shorts.  The waistband in this pair is from an old pair of yoga pants.

I am glad to be finished with school clothes for a bit and I think it will be awhile before I tackle multiple items in a single project again.  

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