May 20, 2013

Week 7: School Skorts

She sews six school skorts for Stella's sassy sibling to skip and squirm in at summer school.  Ha!  That took me longer than I care to admit.

This week's project makes me extra thankful to everyone who has gifted me with fabric over the years.  One of the reasons I sew is to save our family money.  However, fabric can be just as expensive as clothing which is why I buy discount, shop at thrift stores, use coupons and gratefully (ecstatically is a better word for it) accept any and all fabric offered to me.  I enjoy the challenge of making it work with what I've got (a discipline I'm trying to apply in other areas of my life) and I am usually very pleased with the results.

Abs starts summer school in 2 weeks!  I am so excited/nervous for her.  I was a little nervous about this week's project because while I love making things for my kids and they always love what I make I am also a bit insecure about them wearing handmade clothes to school.  I am ok with my kids not being the "cool kids" (at least I think I'm ok with that).  They're already very into Star Wars and Zelda and they are PKs so they might end up with the nerdy crew--and like I said, I'm ok with that.  But if they are nerds I want them to be well dressed nerds and I want them to have earned their nerd-dom themselves rather than being automatically ostracized from a group because they are wearing weird, ugly, out of fashion, obviously homemade clothes.  And there's the rub.  Clothes say a lot about a person (whether we want them to or not) and I want my kids clothes to be unique, stylish, well-fitting, comfortable and cool.  Honestly, I want my kids to feel confident in the clothes I make them and to be proud of wearing handmade items.  I think it's totally possible, even without buying all the new, trendy fabrics.  Part of the solution is their attitude toward their clothes (back to the whole confident thing).  If they are insecure and ashamed of their clothes it doesn't matter how cute, amazing, fashionable, etc they are--it won't work--and I am very aware that Mom's opinion doesn't count.  So here is part of the solution:  Remember the fashion drawing Abs made last month...
She found some gold fabric in Grandma's stash and asked me to make the gold skirt from her picture.  It was a stretchy fabric so I tried a new knit pattern from a book I got for my birthday last year called Sewing MODKID Style.  It's an A-line gored skirt with a yoga-type fold over band on top ("super comfy" as Abs calls it).
I don't know why but she insisted on posing holding up a huge rock for this skirt.  Anyway, how much cooler do you get than wearing something that you designed?  I strayed from the drawing a bit by making it a skort but she actually likes that more.  Not my personal favorite but, again, my opinion doesn't really weigh much.

The next skirt is courtesy of my mother-in-law's friends in Yuma.  It is a double layered tiered skirt from my Girly Skirts board on Pinterest.  I am proud to say that I did in fact get around to doing some of the things I have on Pinterest!
I separated the tiers with a cute heart ribbon (also from the amazing ladies in Yuma).  The top layer is a gorgeous vintage floral and the under layer is a sweet pink fabric with tiny white polka-hearts.  This is the only skirt without attached shorts.  I just couldn't make it work so I made them separate and she can just wear them together.

The third skirt is also from the wonderful ladies in Yuma.  It's a pink picnic table fabric (I am sure there's a technical name for it I just don't know what it is) in a double layer gathered skirt (also from my Pinterest board).
This skirt had to have a pony in the picture for some reason.  I separated the layers with a dainty white lace (Miss Mary from Yuma gave me an entire BAG of lace trims! Seriously, how blessed am I?) and attached shorts to make it a skort.  I used old t-shirts and the Skort pattern from Lil Blue Boo for the shorts part of all the skorts.  It's hard to tell if Abs likes this one, she was in one of those moods where she makes obnoxious sounds instead of using words (drives me crazy!) so she was either excited or pretending to burp--which could still be excited, I'm not sure.

The fourth skirt is from some fabric that has been in my stash for years now.  It's this odd, stretchy, fuzzy pink stuff that reminds me of ice skating costumes.
Chosen for its obvious twirlability.  Good thing I attached shorts underneath.  This is a basic circle skirt from my Pinterest board.  The tutorial is from a blog called Made and I've made them before for the girls.  Always a favorite because they are so very, very twirly.  I used some stretchy fabric from an old pair of yoga pants instead of elastic for the band and it fits so well, stays in place and is so comfortable that I will probably do that for most elastic skirts and shorts from now on.

The fifth skirt is another circle skirt, this one with a beautiful butterfly woven that I got from my friend Andrea on my trip to OC last weekend.  She gave me a bag of scraps for my yo-yo obsession and I found this beautiful piece that was just large enough for a size 5 circle skirt and (of course) a few small yo-yos.
This is one of my favorites.  I used a bright green 1/4" bias tape to finish the hem and a bright blue elastic for the band.  It's such a playful skirt!  I attached purple shorts underneath so she can twirl until she falls over dizzy.

The sixth (and final) skirt is my actual favorite skirt out of all of them.  Probably because it was a maternity dress that I wore to my baby shower for Liv.
And she insisted on smelling a flower for this skirt's picture.  I love the paper bag skirts!  For the pockets I used more of the scraps I had leftover from the wrap I made for Liv a couple of years ago.  So cute!  I used another maternity shirt for the attached shorts and I must have been into this color that pregnancy because they happen to match the skirt exactly.

Needless to say, this week's project was a beast.  I tried to keep it contained and organized as best I could.  She tends to prefer skirts which is why I made so many.  I didn't make them to match the orange or grey uniform shirts but grey goes with everything so I think it will be ok.  My opinion might not count for much but I think they're super-cute.  A very successful week of sewing!

Week 8:  School Shorts for Abs

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