May 13, 2013

Week 6: Baby Skirts

Today is a reset day.  We had an amazing weekend of partying it up OC church-style and this morning SKP woke up with a runny nose and I woke up with a bit of a heart-ache.  We are so blessed here in Bullhead City and I am not complaining about how things are here, simply missing how things are/were there.  It was a super-fun, super-busy, too-short visit full of worship, parties, fellowship, and mostly riding in the car.  So today is a day of rest, laundry, cartoons, cleaning, cooking (which is how I reset) and hopefully some sewing.

 One of the parties was a baby shower for my good friend Veronica.  She is having her first girl in a house full of boys so whatever I made had to be ultra-girly.  I decided on skirts and made 3 different skirts each in a different size.

For the first skirt I used some of the awesome vintage floral that I had leftover from a dress I made Abs last year and stuck with blues for all the trims.  Gathered tulle underneath gives it a little lift and since tulle can be scratchy I added a light blue liner that is slightly shorter than the outer layer.

The second skirt is an upcycle of a fun maternity shirt I saved from my pregnancy with Liv.  The print was so cheerful I thought it would be perfect for a little girl skirt.  I like how the pink bias tape breaks up each layer.  I love the paper-bag waist but thought it would look better with a solid band so I sort of mashed them up into a paper-bag band.

The third skirt turned out huge for some reason.  I tried it on Liv and it is still a tad loose so it might be awhile before they get to this one.  It's made from the same fabric I used for a baby wrap I made for Liv.  I love this fabric!  It's very sweet so I thought a little lace trim would be perfect.

A few things I learned from this project: 
1.  Put the trim on after sewing the side seams.  It makes for easier sewing and cleaner lines.
2.  Treat each layer individually and sew them together only at the top.
3.  Bias tape is amazing and I will be using it frequently from here on out.

This was a week of skirts leading into a week of skirts.  I am a few days behind because we were out of town this weekend but the fabric is washing and hopefully the kids will let me do a little catching up this afternoon.

Week 7:  School Skorts for Abs (yes, it's that time already).

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