May 05, 2013

Week 5: Party Time!

It's my birthday and I'll sew if I want to!  Ok, I was a day late on this week's project.  Well, remember last week when I made an "interview shirt"?  It totally worked!*  I had an interview this week with a follow up mini-interview a couple days later and another scheduled for later this month.  I wore the interview shirt to the first and my purple bow blouse to the mini-interview.  It was so fun to wear something I made to such an important situation and still feel totally confident and professional.

This week's project was a party dress.  I called it my birthday party dress but you have to read it birthday---party-dress.  I didn't wear it for my birthday celebration for a couple reasons:
1.  Jared made me tons of greasy, drippy, messy food all day and ribs don't go well with a dress.
2.  I spent my b-day at home with my greasy, drippy, messy girls and loved it!

I made Simplicity 1801 by Cynthia Rowley:

I made the sleeveless version with the shorter skirt since it's so warm here already.  I used another Micheal Levine Loft find--a one-off.  That made it a little challenging to cut and I still ended up with a bit of the "off" part here and there but it's tough to see if you're not looking for it and the gathered skirt hides most of it.

Doesn't the back look so Mad Men?  The zipper was a mess... again.  I did not, as I previously stated I should, look up tutorials on zipper insertion and while I love this dress as is I might redo the zipper after I get around to doing some research.

I am so pleased with how this dress turned out.  I was worried that the floral design would give it too much of a hawaiian feel but I think adding the black to the band and the yoke gives it a classic look.  What I am most proud of in this dress is the top.  As is the pattern is too big for my chest size so I made a small (technically hallow--so flattering) chest adjustment since it is made for a bigger cup size.  I made a muslin to see where I would need to take it in, made the changes on the pattern then made another muslin to see if the changes worked:

And the Star Wars fabric makes another appearance.  I actually wore this around the house for awhile pretending to be Jeannie from I Dream of Jeannie.  Making a muslin was extra work but definitely worth it as it raised the neckline to an appropriate depth and allowed me to bend over without showing anything (a necessity with little ones).  It's also much more flattering when it fits correctly.  I followed the advise of some other people who had made this pattern and took 2" out of the skirt front and back gathering so it wouldn't be too bulky and I am glad I did.

Awesome dress, awesome birthday.  I got a few sewing-oriented things for my birthday that I might write about later this week.  Look for my mom's post in the next couple days--she made some pants!

Week 6:  Baby Shower Gift

*Disclaimer:  I do not actually believe that making an interview shirt has anything to do with employment opportunities and will NOT be making a presidential dinner dress expecting to get a call from the White House.  At least not until I try it out on something less involved first, like reality show audition pants.*

*Disclaimer #2:  I do not actually believe that making reality show audition pants would score me an audition for a reality show but if they did I think I would like to be on that Road Race one.  I'm thinking red cigarette pants...

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