May 31, 2013

Distractions and Frustrations

I had this idea to combine notions with Adrieanna so I raided my storage and brought all my sewing stuff to the house from storage. This was a great idea and so very fun to go through all this stuff. I found several unfinished projects in the process and my policy is to have  0 unfinished projects. This brings me to the frustration. I chose a simple 15 minute project to finish up, which is pictured above. I must add that I was in a hurry so I could wear it today to breakfast. Again, I was in a hurry. Do you know what happens when you sew in a hurry? Even simple projects become frustrating and time consuming. Hence the dress. I picked this up as a piece of fabric meant to be sewn on the sides and an instant dress. 50 cents was a good price so I was game. Well it was really big and I had to size it down 4 times. Then I decided I wanted straps. Great idea, but like I said I was in a hurry so I eyeballed how long they should be. Bad idea. Too short. I had to add length on them and in the process my serger stuck and cut into the fabric back. I attempted to machine sew the repair, also bad idea and had to get out the dreaded seam ripper. I should have hand sewed it in the first place. Good thing my hair goes half way down my back. My 15 minute project took 1 1/2 hours. All in all pretty happy. It was over 100 today and I wore it to breakfast with my friends.

Next project, I think I will start my checkered blouse, but we will see. I am sewing based on mood lately, so I will see where that takes me next.

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