May 05, 2013

Awesome pants

I loved this pattern, I couldnt wait to make it. In my haste I made a few "adjustments". I was tempted to take a  picture of Adrieanna and I with our seam rippers but would not want anyone to see those angry faces. The main things to note about these pants are that the band is huge, by huge I mean about 5 inches after it is sewn on. Well that brought it to about bust height and well that wasnt going to work. I discovered this after I sewed it on, hence the seamripper, I used a great knit on this with just a small amount of stretch, except for the band which called for ribbed knit, which makes me want to live in these pants. Enough talk here are the pictures, did I mention it has pockets, I love pockets in everything.
These are wide leg, which I initially was not sure about, but love now
My next project is a sleeveless button shirt with a collar. I decided on this because I already cut it out last year.

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