April 26, 2013

Week 4: A (possible) Interview Shirt

"Build it and they will come" as they say, so I built it and here's hoping. This week's project is from Vogue V1282:

I like the skirt and might make it when we start getting into fall weather but the shirt is the reason I bought the pattern.  It's so classy and sexy.  I really like cowl necks and I love that this one has a v-neck leading into it. 

This pattern was one of the strangest I've worked with.  It's an "easy" pattern by Vogue and it was once I got started.  The weird part was the pattern itself.  It was one pattern piece (unless you count the strips for the armhole support) and it was massive.  Here it is taking up pretty much my whole bed:

It looks like one of those ugly dolls.  I studied the directions, I manipulated the paper, I drew it all out and I still couldn't see how this giant wombat of blue fabric would become a shirt.  In the end I just had to trust the directions and go with it.  It felt more like origami than sewing but Donna Karan (the designer) knew what she was doing and it turned out well:
The fabric is from Michael Levine Loft in LA and is super soft and slinky (is that the right word?) feeling.  I had to take it in at the shoulder seams but other than that it was really very easy to put together and I feel very professional in it.

Week 5:  A party dress for my birthday!

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