April 12, 2013

Week 2: Play Clothes for Abs

Awhile back I started looking at a blog called Lil Blue Boo from a gal in Palm Springs.  She has her own line of children's clothes, posts enough free tutorials to make her crazy-popular on Pinterest, and is a recent cancer survivor.  She also sells patterns for some of the girl clothes.  Well one weekend she posted that the money from any patterns bought during a set time frame would be donated to a different family dealing with cancer.  Crazy-awesome, right?  So I picked up a couple and found them surprisingly easy to sew, very cute, comfortable enough that the girls always wanted to wear them to bed and an excellent use of left-over knit fabric and old t-shirts.  This time I went with "The Perfect Short" and "The Racerback Tunic/Dress" patterns.

Perfect Short PDF Pattern and Tutorial- 6M to 14 Years via lilblueboo.comRacerback Dress PDF Pattern and Tutorial- 12M to 10 Years via lilblueboo.com
First I made the shorts.  I used Sergio (my serger--don't judge me) for everything but the hem and I was able to bust out 6 pairs in one day (4 for Abs and 2 for Stella).  It sounds impressive but the pattern is 3 pieces that can be cut out a few at a time if you use a rotary cutter, the directions are simple and few and with a serger it goes very quickly.  My favorite pair used an old t-shirt from our church in Orange.
Next I tried my hand at a new pattern, "The Racerback Tunic/Dress" that I cut a bit short and made into a shirt.  My first attempt was going well until:
Ummm... yeah.  If you ever wondered what a kid's tank top would look like if you took out the side seams and sewed the front sides to each other and the back sides to each other--this is it.  It looks like a bad attempt at a bolero.
Well it got better after that and I upcycled three old t-shirts into new tanks for Abs.  I don't have a pic of the one I'm wearing after it was sewed correctly but here are the other two as well as a couple of the shorts:

The girls love their new clothes and I love using up fabric scraps and awesome old t-shirts.  I might make some tough-and-tumble play shorts for her later but this week was all about the knits.  (By the way, I feel I should mention that the reason I didn't make anything for Liv is that she has TONS of clothes.) 
I was done by Wednesday night so I finished up a skirt that just needed to be taken in (yay!) but has been sitting in my sewing box for a few months now.  It's the one I made for the sewing class forever ago that I turned from an elastic band to a zipper A-line.  For some reason I really love this skirt and couldn't bear to throw it away.  The adjustment didn't turn out perfect but it is totally wearable and I still love it.
Week 3:  a pair of shorts for me.

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