April 05, 2013

Week 1: Belle Bow Blouse

I did it!  My first weekly project was the Belle Bow Blouse by In House Patterns.  I used a purple crepe de chine and I think it turned out pretty well.  I had some pattern fitting issues (probably due to the fact that silk is impossible to cut straight) and ended up going with the bow after all. 

I like it but I am not sure about the billowing under the bust.  It might be due to my shrinking-into-oblivion chest or maybe it's from changing the pattern slightly (it's a print-out and I accidentally printed it at about 85% instead of 100% but rather than reprint thought I'd just go with it... not the best idea).  Anyway I will definitely make it again though probably with the collar next time and with an easier fabric to deal with.

I really enjoyed pushing myself to finish it this week.  If it hadn't been for the challenge I would definitely have shelved this one over and over again--the fabric was difficult, I am always intimidated by buttons, the fit wasn't right, the collar was cut incorrectly, etc.  BUT I pressed on, corrected mistakes along the way and ended the week with an awesome new blouse to wear on my date Sunday night.

Week 2:  Play clothes for Abs.

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