April 15, 2013

Fashion Drawing


Last year for my birthday my mom bought me this:

The Fashion Sketchpad
I do not draw well.  I admit it freely and I am ok with that.  The cool thing about this book is that it has female figures and you simply draw clothes around them.  It has plenty of margin space for taping fabric samples, making notes, etc.  Anyway, it's a pretty awesome sketchpad for fashion sewing.
This weekend we were in Henderson, NV for Jared's XTerra half-marathon and my parents' 10K.  The girls and I tagged along but stayed at the hotel during the race.  It sounds hectic but I actually had a great time with my girls.  I am working on a pair of shorts and am concerned about crotch-fitting so I brought a few sewing books to study as well as a Lucky magazine and my sketchpad in case I got any ideas.  Abigail saw it and asked about it and when I explained the idea of fashion drawing to her she asked me to draw some blank little girls for her.  Here's a couple of outfits she created:
How awesome is my kid?!  The one on the left features a gold skirt with a blue lace band that I have been asked to make and be sure it's super-twirly.  Oddly enough between my stash and my mom's we have both gold fabric and dark blue lace so sometime in the next couple of weeks she will be wearing a skirt that she designed which is about the coolest thing ever for a kindergartener (or anyone for that matter).
This is something I want to encourage but, like I said, I am terrible at drawing as you can see by my mutant little girl drawings above.  So I looked up a kid's fashion drawing template, printed a bunch and made her a fashion sketchpad of her own:

I gave it to her with a pack of new colored pencils and she loves it.  It will be fun to see what she comes up with and what (if anything else) she actually wants me to try and make.

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