March 29, 2013

Sew Many Reasons

I have been in a sewing rut.  Between work, illness, moving, machine issues, size change (yay!), and having 80% of my sewing stuff in storage it has been difficult to motivate myself to sew over the past few months.  But it is spring and while for many people this means cleaning, for me this means sewing!  I have decided to make myself a new sewing goal of one project per week.  This will mean switching around my priorities a bit on weeks with more time-consuming projects (sorry Duck Dynasty) but I have several reason for my new ambition:

1.  Jared bought me a new sewing machine... and it is AMAZING!  Here's a picture of my lovely Babylock Melody:

I have decided to call her Mel (don't judge me).  I sewed with her for the first time last night and I was blown away by how smooth, quiet and consistent she is.  It will take a bit to get used to the new set-up but I already love this machine.

2.  It is practically summer here (over 90 degrees already) and the girls and I are lacking in hot weather clothes.  For my part I have a couple of pairs of shorts and some tanks I'd like to make but I am also trying to make the shift to mostly skirts and dresses.  I have been told (again) by my girls that they don't have enough skirts so I found a skort pattern that uses old t-shirts so they can still have the shorts underneath.  Which brings me to...

3.  Our yard is dirt.  Literally.  And rocks.  And a big dirt/rock hill that they slide down daily which means that not only are shorts under skirts a must but they also need many pairs (hence the old t-shirt upcycle) because the hill destroys clothes.  I love when my girls look cute but there's no way I'm buying them new clothes to destroy with rocks and mud.  We now have play clothes and out & about clothes.

4.  A few ladies have been very generous in gifting me with boxes of beautiful fabric that I have yet to do anything with (though I have many ideas) and I really want to show my appreciation by making some cute things for me and the girls out of it (out & about clothes).

5.  I may (or may not if Jared happens to read this) have gone a bit crazy at the last $0.99 Simplicity pattern sale at JoAnn Fabrics.  And the Vogue one before that.  And the McCall's one.  And, well, you get the idea.

This week's project is the Belle Bow Blouse by In House Patterns:

I am making a "working muslin" of View B (the one without the bow, actually) out of some Crepe de Chine I got from Michael Levine Loft in the fabric district awhile back. 

I have a fabric picked out for the bow blouse but I wanted two different shirts so I went with B for my trial run.  My goodness this fabric is difficult to work with but so soft and beautiful.  I finished the collar last night and it is easier to sew than it was to cut (though that could be due to my fabulous new machine!).  I think the biggest hang up will be the buttons.  One week!  I WILL post pictures of it next weekend (no matter the outcome).