March 01, 2012

First Skirt... DONE!

So, I (Kristin) sewed my first piece of clothing this weekend in a skirt-making class taught by Adrieanna (the main poster on this blog). It was so fun and the class went great! Adrieanna picked up our patterns when they went on sale for $1! She knows where all the deals are. :) Here's my fabric after some cuts:

The edge that will be "gathered:"

Below are two marks for the elastic, which was the most annoying part. It took a while and my hands started to cramp, but it looks awesome:

And the finished product!
This is Sandra laying out her pattern:

The sweatshop! Adrieanna and Shirley were such good, patient teachers!

Monica, modeling her honeymoon skirt:

Sandra's skirt matched her top!

Shirley has been sewing since she was 12!

Veronica didn't quite finish during the class because she took the extra time to do some cute pockets! But she did finish it later that evening:

And Jaime showing off her masterpiece!

This is Adrieanna wearing her super hot knit mini dress, posted about in the blogpost below... And check out those heels!

I love your new haircut, Anna! And we had the privilege of the adorable Olivia attending. Danger, she will suck you in to wanting kids, she's so precious:
It was such a wonderful day of sewing!

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