February 24, 2012

Pleated Skirt

Awhile. back I made the pleated skirt from Butterick B5613 that I had thought about for the sewing class.  I decided against it for the sewing class for a number of reasons but I'm happy with the way mine turned out and it's super comfortable.  I've already worn it a few times and even walked aroudn my race expo in it (I had just come from a bridal shower and didn't want to change).

I used a "suiting" fabric that I got in the Red Tag section of Joann Fabrics for an additional 50% off then 20% off that so I think I paid around $2/yd.  It turned out a bit more "poofy" than I expected but still cute.

I wasn't going to line it but I hate when you can see the silhouette of my legs so...
 I used some fabric from Ikea that used to be a couch cover back when we lived in Arrowhead.  Yay for upcycling!  I'm so glad I lined it because I had to add a couple inches to accommodate my, ahem, belly so I also had to add a couple of pleats which made the skirt very twirly.  Not a bad thing except that I have a Merilyn Monroe moment any time there is the slightest breeze (not exaggerating).  I added the lining after finishing the rest of the skirt though so it doesn't lie quite right where it meets the waistband but oh well.

I wasn't sure what to do with the bottom.  The pattern called for a blind hem but either I'm not that good at it or it doesn't work with this fabric because it left little dents across the bottom.  It's not very ironable fabric and I didn't want a line of stitches along the bottom anyway because I didn't have exact matching thread.  So I serged the bottom and left it that way.  Not too bad--I think it helps pull away from the office look of the fabric a bit.

 I decided against this pattern for the class for a couple of reasons:  I thought a zipper was a little too advanced for some of the people in the class and the pattern really required a lot of marks and I didn't want to try to teach about transfer paper and lining up dots and stuff when there is so much else to cover in the first class.

Anyway, fun skirt.  I'll be making the gathered one of it soon and I'm really excited about that one--I even ordered fabric for it specifically rather than use something I've got!  Happy Sewing!

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