January 09, 2012

Maybe a Skirt?

Ok so the shirt I picked for the class is a no-go. My mom got to it first and said it was much more complicated than she expected. It also took her a long time to finish and though I haven't seen it she calls it "old-lady" looking so I'm guessing I would agree. I looked through other shirt patterns but the only "easy" ones I could find are knit--which I'm trying to avoid because it can be so difficult to work with for beginners.
I asked around and it looks like everyone would be fine with a skirt instead so here's a few options:

Simple circle skirt with a side zipper. Seems easy enough and would probably be decently flattering on anyone.

Pockets and an elastic waist so it should be super simple. I'm not the hugest fan of the style but I think with a good belt like in the picture or a tucked-out shirt it would be fine and the style might fit everyone better than a zipper.
I believe this one also has a side zipper. I like the belt loops. Though it might take a bit longer than the other circle skirt I think I like the look better.
I find myself really drawn to these skirts. I like all the options available: puffball vs flowey, pleated or gathered, sash or smooth front. Not sure if I would need to just choose one for everyone to do or if the differences are small enough that everyone could pick their own variation.

So those are the ones that I think would be easiest based on the info provided. I'd love any input or opinion on them.

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  1. I think the 2nd and 3rd patterns are my favorite (love the pockets!) but I'm willing to try anything! BTW, you're awesome. :)