January 13, 2012

Make It, Wear It: American Apparel Knockoff

A couple of weeks ago I decided to send a care package to my sister in AZ. The usual stuff--banana bread, a magazine, a shirt that just won't fit me--and I thought I'd include one of those infinity scarf things everyone seems to be wearing. I looked up how to make them and came across this tutorial for an American Apparel circle scarf knockoff by ComeonIlene:

Her post has inspired me to brave the LA fashion (and/or fabric?) district one of these days.

The scarf itself might be the easiest thing I've ever sewn... really. It is literally 2yds of jersey knit sewn together at the ends with a simple straight stitch. Seriously it's that easy. I pulled the fabric a tad while sewing so that it had some stretch at the seam. Personally I find the scarf a bit ridiculous BUT
a) I don't wear scarves often so I always feel a bit self-conscious in them
b) I'm not usually wearing the kinds of outfits that make a scarf like this look good
c) It's not for me so who cares what I think
That being said the scarf leaves for Flagstaff on Monday and even though I didn't make it for myself I thought I'd still have some fun showing it off--American Apparel style.

This was supposed to be my mustache but I don't think I came across.

In retrospect I should have been wearing some serious heels but the full body picture was a last minute decision so please forgive the fopaux.


  1. Oh, wow, you're amazing!! I'm so proud of you for your bold fun pics and braving the super-hip glasses. You totally pulled off LA American Apparel wear. ;)
    As I'm still trying to figure out if I even like the style, I'm convinced that your sister will be able to pull it off. I crocheted an attempt at an infinity scarf for Erin, but also made it a little bundle blanket for her son. Cuz I don't know if she'll be able to brave the look either, haha. When I see certain photos I love the scarf, so I might give it a try next winter if my tastes become accustomed to the trend...if it lasts another winter.
    OH! by the way, I went to the downtown fabric district a couple weeks ago when we were trying to decide if we should reupholster our couch (that my dogs destroyed). We only were there for about 45 minutes, but I'm aching to go back with a different clothes related project in mind!! And we can go to Wusrtkuhce and the Pie Hole, but we'll have to wear infinity scarves there to fit in. ;) I took my brother to the pie hole when he was in town, and the line for Wurstkuche across the street was about 100 people long. WOW! It must be good, right?

    1. Glad you liked the glasses (aka pipe cleaners)! We had fun taking the pics. I think if I made one for myself it would be thinner fabric and not as wide but I think my sister can rock the look and the thicker fabric will be nice in the mountains.