December 17, 2011

Make It, Wear It: Ruffle Skirt

It fits! Just barely... but it fits! I wore it to the elder/staff Christmas party last night. The skirt (McCall's 6439) was cute though I found it challenging to make into an outfit. It is shorter than I expected and has a very high waist. I have a top in mind that I think will go really well with it eventually but so far I haven't been able to find the exact one I want so I had to pick an outfit from what I already have. Still I'm happy with what I came up with and I think I looked nice.

The leggings were a good idea because the skirt is still tight enough on me that it kept riding up whenever I would sit or squat. I think I might have gone with some nice flats instead of the boots now that I see the whole outfit but the boots still look good and were nice and warm. The ruffle and high waist were flattering because they hid a bit of the belly and highlighted the smallest part of my waist. The problem was finding a shirt that looked nice tucked in. I "bloused" the shirt a bit so that it wasn't form fitting and between that and the belt I think the look worked well.
Some things I would change now that I've worn it:
I think I would use a thinner fabric. The ruffle didn't lie as flat as I would have liked because the material was so thick. I think I'd also try to lengthen it a bit. When I'm thinner I might look good in a short skirt but for now I think a couple more inches would fit my body shape better. I also think I'll wait a few more pounds before I try to wear it again because the pockets flared out at the hips, the waist was pretty tight and, like I said before, it tended to ride up because it was so tight on the butt and thighs. The next time I make something so fitted I will be more careful with my measurements and try to make proper adjustments. Overall I like the skirt. I like the ruffles and I like the high waist with a tucked in shirt--I might be able to dress it down with a simple ribbed tank and a casual belt. I think I would make it again and I'll definitely wear it again.

PS: This could easily become my favorite segment on this blog both to write and to read about. It's fun to show what I've made but so much more fun to show OFF what I've made.


  1. You don't look "nice", you look HOT! I love the ruffle, draws the eyes down the skirt and away from the hips (which is a big deal for me). Nice job!

  2. yes, "hot" was the word that first came to my mind. ow ow!! i think the outfit works perfectly, the skirt/tights/boots combo is so stylish! i did the dress/tights/boots combo for sam's work's Christmas party this weekend. Love it!