December 21, 2011

Make It, Wear It: Gathered Shirt

I wanted to show you guys my gathered shirt from Simplicity 2219 dressed up a bit. I wish I owned a pair of slacks but right now all I have are jeans and skirts. Since we were going on a date to Yardhouse and then Christmas shopping I thought a skirt wouldn't be very practical. I wore a nice lace-inspired necklace though and I think it changed the look quite a bit.

Now that I see the shirt again I think I should have made it a couple inches longer and I think it would look better with the bottom hemmed. Of course, I can't hem it now without making it even shorter so it will stay as is. I think before I make a dress out of the pattern I'd like to try to lift the neckline a bit so that the undershirt is optional.
I wasn't in a very good mood by the time we got to the pictures, so please excuse the annoyed look. We ended up having a good time once we finally got to our date and Mr. Awesome (as I will refer to him here from this point on) seemed to think I looked great.

1 comment:

  1. I love the necklace combo with that blouse. it looks so nice! i'm glad you got to wear it out on a date :)