December 08, 2011

Gathered Shirt

I've had this pattern since June:

When I bought it (for $1 of course) I was hoping to make a dress for my baby shower but I never got around to it. Still I loved the pattern! I thought it would also look great as a shirt so I just shortened the skirt part to the height I wanted and wallah:

I really like the gathering in the bust area, though I can't tell if it makes my chest look smaller or bigger. Either way I think the look is flattering and the gathering just below the bust hides my belly a bit. I'm wearing an undershirt because otherwise there's just a bit more cleavage than I'm normally comfortable with.
The only thing that didn't seem to go right is the lining. You can see it below on Wendy (it's inside out). The pattern called for lining in the bust and side pieces so I used the same kind of lining I use for other patterns and it ripped out of the seam in some places as soon as I tried it on. I think I'll research it a bit and see if there is lining meant specifically for knits.

Besides shortening the length I also added a second layer to the "skirt". The fabric I used is very thin and clingy so I thought a second layer would hide a bit more. It took some tweaking because I only wanted the top layer gathered and I wanted the underlayer to be a bit more fitted. I didn't get it exactly how I wanted it but I think it works. I also left both layers raw on bottom to give it a more casual look. I think you can see the layers and the gathering better on Wendy.
I'm really happy with it. It's nice to have another decent shirt to wear on the rare occasions that I actually leave my house. I'll definitely use this pattern again... I'm thinking a short, sleeveless dress sometime this summer. Anyway, let me know what you think!


  1. I love it! I totally think the pattern would work well as a sleeveless summer dress too! Did you feel that the pattern was overall difficult?

  2. Working with knits is difficult anyway because they have a tendency to move, curl and stretch while you're trying to sew. Other than that it really wasn't very difficult, there was just a lot more to it than I expected. The directions were easy to follow, had wonderful explanations and definitions and provided decent pictures. Once I got going it flowed really well.