December 06, 2011


So excited! I found this dress form on Overstock for almost half of the retail price, free shipping and I found an additional coupon for $10 off (I always google "coupon" plus the name of the website before I buy something just in case and it usually pays off). I think I'll name her Wendy. She's very adjustable and can help fit pants as well as skirts/shirts/dresses/etc. (check out the barbie inspired crotch area!) I used some of my sewing machine savings for her. It's something I can use right away and in light of the many months until I can afford my new machine, what's an extra month or two?

I'll need to pad certain areas but from what I've read it's a good idea to pad the whole thing anyway so that it has a little more "give" like a real body. I'm nervous about making the adjustments for a couple of reasons:
1) I'm not very good at measuring. I'm going to wait until my mom can come over one day while the girls are napping to help me so I'm not just eyeballing the parts I can't reach well.
2) The resulting form is not likely to be very flattering. But I guess I'd rather have it accurate than flattering on the form and awful on me, right? And it will be fun to peel off the layers and see from a different angle how my figure is changing.
I've also been looking up ways to cover it but I might wait on that until I'm closer to where I want to be so I'm not taking the cover off every month to make adjustments to the padding.

I'm hoping this will help me get a better idea of fit, especially on my belly area. Should also be awesome for adjusting/refashioning thrift store finds. Anyway, I'm excited to get it set up though besides this current shirt project I don't think I'll get to use it again until after Christmas.

PS: I'm going to try to pick up the group shirt pattern this week. I've asked around and have gotten a really positive response. I hope I'm not getting in over my head with this thing.

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