December 18, 2011

The Disaster, also known as the pillowcase shirt.

So I was told that if I were to contribute I had to post the good, the bad, AND the ugly. Well this shirt is definitely ugly. So, I found this cute tank top made from a jersey knit and ribbon and step by step instructions for completing it on pinterest. It was supposed to look something like this:

The shirt called for a jersey like knit fabric or something stretchy like it and really thick satin or ribbon for the top.

Problems I ran into:
1. I didn't use the right kind of needle in my sewing machine, so the fabric kept on snagging and creating an uneven stitch along the top of the shirt.
2. I used a contrasting thread rather than one that blended in. On the model shirt it looked cute. On mine it just looked messy.
3. My torso isn't long and my arms aren't bony, so the baggy type shirt does NOT suit my body.
4. The ribbon I used was way too thin. It was only an inch and a half wide, which made for a very flimsy neckline. If I made it again, I would use about a 3 inch wide satin.
5. The arm holes were way too awkward looking and I have NO clue how to fix that.

So, ALL that being said, here's my final result:

Now, understand something. I've lost 10 pounds in the past 4 months and worked really hard to do it. It's not like I only want to wear super tight fitting clothes now. In fact, I hate really tight fitting clothes. But this shirt is SO unflattering that it makes me look super heavy and completely shapeless.
I know I should have thought about the shape of the shirt before I made it, but that was my fault.
Note to self: In the future make sure you think about things that will look good on YOUR body!


  1. Maybe it's just the picture but I think it looks rather cute! When I made a "pillowcase dress" for Abs awhile back the directions suggested finding the right amount of gathering on the neck then sewing the casing closed at the ends so that it couldn't move. Don't know if that would help with the armholes or not. Either way it's not bad at all--wearable anyway if not totally flattering and amazing for going without a pattern!

  2. I think you are being too hard on yourself. I think it's super cute also, the gathering on the top looks great! It doesn't make you look fat at all, but I do see your point about being a bit shapeless... Maybe try a clip on the back that can cinch it together around the ribs? I don't know if that would work with that style shirt, but either way, it looks really neat!